installer gives no option for other partitions!

I consider well-behaved installers those that allow installation on any valid partition. XP, btw. The Comodo firewall installer doesn’t do this, it forces installation on the boot partition. I can’t imagine a good reason for this. For instance Zone Alarm allows installation to (and works from) any partition. I can only think this is an oversight.

Why does this matter? I like to use Acronis and Macrium to image my small boot partition. I like to keep the images as small as possible. I have huge other partitions across two hard drives, plenty of room, but I don’t image those. I just checked and the size of Comodo in the Program Files is 123.4MB. Then in Documents and Settings the Comodo folder is 34.3MB. Then there’s a folder in Documents and Settings called Comodo Downloader, another 40.6MB. Total=198.3MB on my boot partition.

Btw, in that Comodo Downloader folder is CFP_Setup.msi at 33.4MB, seemingly a leftover installer/setup file I’d like to know if it’s OK to delete.

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Well it is there but it’s a bit ‘hidden’ if you start the installer and chose “Customize Installer” on the bottom center, the 3rd tab ‘Files Locations’ gives you the option to change the install path.

Thanks Ronny, that’s good to know. I’ve seen many installers like that, with a less-than-obvious Custom install, so I just must have missed it this time.

So I’m thinking of re-installing now, after an UNinstall. Is this CFP_Setup.msi the full installer? Or should I re-downoad?

That should do the trick AFAIK.

      1. FYI, after uninstalling, a reboot to allow the Comodo cleanup to run. Then running the msi, it wanted an exe that no longer existed. And then I saw the uninstall still left that Comodo Downloader folder, had to clear that and then uninstall the Buddy thing.

So, a new download. The installer burped on a couple of small running startup apps. I should have clicked Ignore but instead I tried to quit them as suggested. Quitting threw errors and I had to try force-quitting from the Task Manager. That didn’t work, and the system hung. So, a power reboot.

Next, those two startup apps had corrupted data so I quit them. Then, a System Restore to yesterday, and reboot. Comodo of course was back in place. Then, another uninstall, both the firewall and the buddy, then another, third, reboot. The apps’s data was then OK. So finally a new install. I noticed a Customize Installer link on the first panel, went to that, told it to skip the Buddy (no one ever appeared through the Buddy), and was able to install onto another partition. Then, a fourth reboot.

So now, after two uninstalls, three reboots and another power reboot >:( (and whatever time I spent), the firewall is running fine, I guess.

The first time, though, I was able to find a panel allowing me to whitelist all my applications. Now I can’t find it. ???

This is what I now have on the boot, mainly the two ??? msi files. Can I delete them?

[b]Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo[/b]

Firewall Pro
Inside Intstaller are:
CFP_Setup.msi 33+ megs

Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo Downloader
CFP_Setup.msi 33+ megs

The ‘Downloader’ version can be deleted the ‘Installer’ folder version will be used at uninstall so it’s better not to delete that one.

OK thanks Ronny.