Installer falls over.

XP-PRO/SP3 with all the updates.
I just downloaded the V3 installer and ran it. At the screen where it suggests a destination folder and allows you to change it via the “Browse” button, I select “Browse” and the installer immediately terminates. XP displays an error report that references the IMAGEHLP.DLL, which is a MSoft dll resident in system32 folder.
I’m reluctant to continue with the installation (by for example not selecting “Browse”) in case of further problems.

Event ID 1000
Faulting application cfp_setup_3.0.25.378_xp_vista_x32.exe, version, faulting module imagehlp.dll, version 5.1.2600.5512, fault address 0x000041ec.

Help please.

I have never seen this type off problem before… Strange!

Could you try just installing CFP by default (Not choosing a directory?)

Hi Pollensa1946,
Can you please send crash dump (if any) to

I’ll pass, because, yes, skipping the “Browse” part did allow the installer to continue and install the f/w, but I hated the result so much, and it ■■■■■■■ up my startup config so much, that I immediately uninstalled it.

Hi Pollensa1946 a crashdump could help to shed more light into this issue.
If you can please reproduce this issue again you can read a post about How to find crashdumps in Windows XP.

You can also try Dev.Opera. Usage infos can be found Logging program crashes and freezes using Inspector IIXII

IIRC issues with browse buttons happened also in the past, even though I may be wrong I guess this issue could be caused by a some outdated dll on the affected PC.

This is not uncommon as installing/unintalling apps may cause this.

EDIT: do you use MS standard xp themes or do you use some unofficial xp theme?

Can you elaborate more. Comodo doesn’t mess with “msconfig”.

Q: do you use MS standard xp themes or do you use some unofficial xp theme?

A: No, ordinary XP-PRO/SP3.

Q: Can you elaborate more. Comodo doesn’t mess with “msconfig”.

A: Installed Comodo f/w and rebooted as requested. On startup my nVidia graphics drivers did not start up, resulting in my desktop being ■■■■■■■ up. My Logitek camera s/w kicked in and started a re-install, requesting the installation CD and dumping a series of icons onto my desktop. I was faced with an endless series of requests, from Comodo, to confirm programs as good/bad. Various other effects that I attributed to the presence of Comodo. I eventually surrendered, uninstalled Comodo and rolled back via a System Restore point.

I’m aware that with persistence I might overcome these problems, I’m not a computer newbie, I’ve been in the business for 40 years. I just want a simple f/w that monitors outgoing traffic and permits me to allow or dis-allow it. I don’t care about incoming threats as I have a very robust hardware f/w in my 3-Com router. I also don’t care about monitoring s/w as I have Process Guard and Comodo insists I remove it before installing. I also have a good A/V and Anti-Spyware so, again, I don’t need all the capability that Comodo offers.
So, question… can Comodo be configured at install as a simple shield for outgoing calls ?

You can chose to disabe defense+ upon installation selecting Firewall only whitout leaktest protection.

If you install CFP again please create a crashdump of the installer related issue as per my previous post.

You can send a crashdump to along with a brief description of the crash issue.