Installer crash


Have just gone to install V3 on my Vista home premium 32bit PC and windows tells me that the program stopped working.

I click on the installer, Windows asks if I trust the program, click yes and then nothing a few secs later the message that the program has stopped. Any ideas as I used to use V2 on my old PC and want to use Comodo again on the new one?

btw, i disabled the current firewall and A/V (Panda IS) - made no difference, was also logged in as admin.

For one you cannot run 2 firewalls. You need to uninstall your current firewall first. Where did you download Comodo from and which version? Even if you shut your old firewall off look in the security center and see what it shows for active firewall.

I downloaded the latest version of the firewall off comodo’s website. I will uninstall Panda IS completely when I get a chance later and try it again. I’ll let you know what happens