Installer Bug - Error 1603

During installing the cispremium_installer_5997_92.exe
After installing the GeekBody, while setup process is 99%, program gives an error code 1603.

İ tried a few times but nope. Image is added below.

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Unicode olmayan programların dilini Türkçe’den İngilizce’ye değiştirip deneyin. Yükledikten sonra Türkçe’ye geri döndürebilirsiniz.

Did you try this Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed - Microsoft Support

Gentlemen, let’s stick with English please in the international part of the boards.

You’re not alone.

There are a lot of people posting about the 1603 error.

Someone suggested to set your Non-Unicode language locale to English. This did not work for me since mine was already set to English.
(Open start menu and type “locale” without the quotes. Open that and go to the Administrative tab and change the Locale to English.)

I posted about this error on March 17th and have NEVER received a reply or anything.

Unfortunately, Comodo doesn’t appear to acknowledge that this issue is occurring or want to fix it.

For now I’ve been satisfied with Bitdefender replacing Comodo.

Hello all

change language to english (US ou other) don’t work
I had Comodo Firewall installed, and suddenly it don’t work and now impossible to install it, error 1603 every time …

Comodo icon appears at 80% and disappear immediately
error 1603 at 99% like all others.

WINDOWS 7 64 bits

No solution for the moment … :-\