Installed yesterday and it hosed my system

Had to do a system restore to get the machine working again.

Bye bye Comodo. Junk software.

instead of badmouthing a software that so many users are happy with it’d be better to explain in detail what your problems are. Doing this you could surely be helped. The folks here in the forum are the best and most helpful I’ve ever had the honour to “meet”.
So I’d encourage you to critizise in an appropriate manner so that everyone, including yourself, can benefit from it.

P.S. I wonder if you’ll ever come back to the forums to read this reply :-\

a system restore??? should have tried booting in safemode and uninstalled first!

Because in safe mode the windows installer gets disabled. I’ve only ever used safe mode to get to the system restore screen.

I had the same problem, I had 2.4 running and I upgraded to 3.0. Of course I read after that I should have wiped 2.4 off my system first before upgrading, but at the time I figured if the updater was prompting me, then it should be ok. 3.0 handcuffed my system and caused it to boot up much slower, and at times not even boot up correctly. I’m not running that much else on my system, Mcafee VS8 Enterprise real time, and AVAST and AVG on demand in the background. Can anyone tell me if this system slowness is related to the improper removal of 2.4 from my system? I liked 2.4 and would like to use 3.0, but not if it’s going to slow my system down that much…

on the RC of Comodo it totally locked me up, i booted in safemode and uninstalled perfectly fine

I ran System Restore because there was collateral damage to other programs… I have a DVD-Audio authoring program that kept booting into the “install dialog” on it’s own (God knows why) and when I tried to launch it got an error message that it was no longer there. Who knows what else got hosed.

This program is doing some SERIOUS damage to the operating system. My system is still not functioning correctly (hanging on reboot, etc).

Sounds like I’m going to be doing a complete Windows reinstall thanks to Comodo.