installed version 4 ... blocking legit games

i have installed now version 4 of the software but this protection …,.

lol blocking a legit game application ??

i have to use ctrl- alt -delete and kill the process because o couldnt play :-\

Yes it block the connection from certain games FPS

Like BLACKSHOT , please fix it.

Seems that comodo is lacking the support that we love. Common Developers we know that you have other things to do but is that hard to develope something for the gamers? seems that comodo don’t like games -.-’ or at least is not interested in resolving this type of problems. Umesh melih or someone else please give us an official answer about this issue.

Games are not trusted by default by CIS. The best thing to do is that add all .exe and .bat files of the game to My Own Safe Files and let CIS create rules for safe apps.