Installed The Best

I been using Comodo Pro v3.0.21.329 only about ten hours now and THANK YOU! It installed easily in safe mode (we stalled not responding in normal mode. No other firewall active.) The setup was smooth, the network/router detection a piece of cake, and Comodo’s learning mode is easy to take. Added the necessary apps to the trusted zone. It was a breeze, I shoulda installed it long ago.

And congrats on Matousec results and “Best Firewall” article in Windows Secrets.

Now I’ll study the forums and learn all about my new protector (J)

Welcome to the forums RexB!

It’s nice that you’ve joined the Comodo Family. Hope to see you around here in the future! Also, best of luck with Comodo Firewall Pro (and maybe other Comodo products?)!


Thanks, and browsing the forums it looks like the Qs even get answered here, unlike some experiences with other FW’s in past years. And the Comodo CEO’s IT security philosophy is a breath of fresh air.

Yesterday’s update to v3.0.22.249 was smooth and seamless. Nice.

edit: Nope, I’m not on the comodo payroll