Installed shortcut icon not opening Comodo Firewall

I have just installed the full (not basic) version of Comodo Firewall on a Vista computer. During this process it automatically installed a shortcut icon on the desktop and in the Start, All Programmes menu.
However, if I click on either icon the Comodo Firewall does not open, even if I use Administraor rights. The only way I can open it is to right click on the icon in the notifications area in order to make any adjustments.

Is there a way to make a shortcut icon open Comodo, please?

rog4jean (:SAD)

Hi rog4jean

Sorry but that is the way it is designed. You can start from the desktop icon only if it is disabled otherwise you must use the tray icon. This will be fixed in the next version.


Fixed in the upcoming version.

* FIXED! if CFP.exe is active, trying to rerun cfp.exe will activate the currently active CFP.exe instance now

Is that what that means? Yeah, it works.

Thank you very much for that John. I did find that out before reading your posting when I accidentally exited Comodo via the notification area, panicked a little when I thought it had gone for good, but was relieved when I clicked on the Start Menu Programme`s shortcut and it opened.

rog4jean (:CLP)