Installed screensaver, registered, but still shows unregistered

I installed some screensavers from 3PlaneSoft. In CIS I set the installer to Installation mode.
Later on I entered the registration information.

However, when the screen saver kicked in, I told CIS to run in sandbox. Now I get a message from the screensaver that it is not yet registered.
So, it seems it cannot find the registration information in the registry.

Tried several things, but I just cannot see the screensaver registered.

May be running it in the sandbox prevents the program from looking up if it is registered.

Move the screensaver from My Pending Files to My Own Safe Files when you know it is clean and restart the screensaver.

Thanks for thinking with me for a solution.

I looked in the pending files, but there’s no file for these screensavers.
I also looked in the Blocked files, but that’s empty.

Assuming you are using v4. Take a look in Computer Security Policy (Defense + → Advanced) and see if there is a rule for the screen saver. When there is a rule delete it and run the screen saver again.

When you don’t see a rule there go to Defense + Settings (Defense + → Advanced) → General Settings → tick Create Rules for Safe Applications. Then run the screensaver again and post a screenshot of the D+ logs (Defense + → Common Tasks – View Defense + Events).

ok, I will try. Removed all rules (there were 2 per screensaver) and will restart them one by one.
Thanks, this might work :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep us posted.