Installed programs list incorrect

I upgraded from V6 to V7 last October, but just noticed that, Comodo is still listed as V6 in ‘Programs and Features’ (running Windows 7 HP), because of this program update scanners tell me Comodo is out of date, but I have the latest version running 7.0.317799.4142. Is this correct? Can it be fixed short of a full removal re-install?

Hi sggaunt,
It is a known issue that is ongoing, although it is intended to be corrected sometime in the future for convenience.
It is a low priority issue, as it does not effect the programs performance.
The best way to check your installed version is from the about page, click the question mark in the title bar controls.
Title bar controls-Comodo Help

What program update scanners report CIS is out of date?
I am not aware of any scanners that report from or rely on version numbers listed in the ‘Programs and Features’.

Thanks and kind regards.

Cheers for that Cptn
The program update scanner I was talking about is part of the new version of Glary Utilities (V5). Web based (FilePuma).

No problem sggaunt,
Thanks for posting the update scanner in question, it is always interesting to know these things. :-TU

Kind regards.