installed firewall leak etc, how to upgrade

Hi all

I installed comodo, just the firewall and leak test part.
I am also using spyware terminator , but am thinking of uninstalling it.

I looked but cannot see how to upgrade Comodo to the advanced installation.
Do i have to uninstall and re install and click the advanced box.

When you just install the firewall part, plus Leak test box , should the defence+ work as well, as it is in “Clean PC Mode” and all seem to be working.

Using windows xp (home) sp2 with all updates.


Hi pedropete

Go to Defense+, advanced, defense+ settings and make sure the bottom box “deactivate the Defense+ permanently” is unchecked. You will need to reboot and then it is fully active.


Something new in the latest release that might work even more easily: Go to miscellaneous/manage my configuration/select and see if you have an entry called “Comodo Optimum Security” If you do, select it, and see if that does the trick.

Thanks for that reminder sded. I had forgotten about that.


Thanks JJasper and sded, your assistance is very much appreciated (:CLP)

Everything is fine now.

Cheers (:WAV)