Installed CPF but Windows still said CPF is turned off


I just updated my CPF from old 1.0 to version.
After booting pc, i noticed that windows XP reports no firewall is activated.

CPF is actually turned on and running happily.
Please help

I feel very disappointed. No help from this forum. I am using CPF from 1.0 onwards. I have this problem after upgrading to this new version.

I have to un-install CPF due to this un-resolved problem, I cannot trust this software anymore.

Welcome to COMODO Eriks…
They are aware of this problem and are working on it. If CPF says it is working, you can rest assured it is. I too have had this little annoyance but having this great firewall is worth it.
I think the fix is due out Tuesday sometime.

(B) Lee

Sorry for the dissapointment, perhaps being paid “next to nothing” has to do with this. If we were paid “nothing” it would be different, then more of us would flood in to help. :wink: <—joking.
What you can try is this, use the “change the way WS alerts me” uncheck all check marks, then OK, close out. Go back into START \all programs\accessories\system tools\security center reopen it, put all check marks back and see if recognized.
Hope this helps,

if not, they may dock my pay, loll. Then i’ll get “less than nothing” :smiley: :wink: :wink: (completely kidding)