installed comodo firewall pro, buts theres a problem now!!

ok so i installed the comodo firewall lastnight on my dell xps m1330 laptop, which is not a weak cp and runs vista, lastnight it installed fine, but it kept popping up a lot of things and then my cp has some updates to do at the same time, which it started to make my cp run slow, i was also running off a wireless connection at the time, well it kept “finding the network”, so i deleted it, let all my updates get done, and this morning plugged it straight into the ethernet on the modem, so it wouldn’t find anymore networks, just the one… but now it downloads it but doesn’t install it or even attempt to install it…it just downloads it and thats it, does not run the program…so whats going on???



That’s really jumbled up.

So there are constant Network places found? Do you have one computer in the house or a server/proxy?

Try a Uninstall & Reinstall to get the installer to run again.


i’ve already uninstalled it…i already have it on my desktop with xp, but i 'm trying to get it on my laptop xps m1330 with vista…i have a modem that is connected to a wireless router…so that was one of the problems b/c when my laptop would restart due to some windows updates going on, it would find the network again…and again, and again…but i couldn’t just name it home network b/c i had already named it that…but it was the same network…but that still doesn’t explain why it won’t try to install on my laptop…i can download it, from comodo website and (cnet), but it will not do the install.

thanks for the help,