Installed COMODO 2 weeks ago.... (Firewall issue)


First of all i want to say that i’m new here, and sorry for my english, hope you understand some of what i’m saying(A)

Well i installed COMODO for like 2 weeks ago… It works and i think it’s really a good tool to have… I’ve seen that it’s the latest firewall who made big steps… As before it was ZoneAlarm who ruled the free-firewall thingie…

Anyways now i’ve noticed that the firewall blocking my internet connection… And when i say it block the internet connection i mean everything… I can’t even get my IP to work… (I blocks the IP to update itself…)

So, what i did right before this happen was that i installed a “VPN program” on my PC called “Ivacy” on the PC, hope i do not brake any rules of installing it?

well then i saw a configuration that needed to be changed so for example if i wanted to download “torrents” then i needed to change some things… I changed some things in the “My network zones” i think…

After that, the blocking started. I waiting one day because i thought that it was the Internet provider who had trouble… And today it was still not working so i stoped the firewall… then it did work.

So my question is what did i do wrong? How do i setup so the connection is “Accesabled” or trusted… ?

And before this i tryed to uninstall COMODO because of the blocking (I didn’t knew how to stop the firewall:P)
But didn’t find any COMODO Uninstall… Now i looked at the forums and finding it’s quite hard to uninstall it (Maybe just me but seems to be complicated)

So how do i do it if i want? (I do not want to do it.)

How do i fix this problem? And what did i do wrong? And how do i setup the “Torrent” and my “VPN program” so it works?

I have Rauter with wireless config one laptop (Wireless) and my PC through the rauter.

Again i’m sorry for my english. :-\ :-[
Thanks for answer!

P.S Why i’m question my question here it’s because i do not understand so well on the “uber” side…
I’m writing here to get a answer that i could read and understand.

Hope you keep it in your mind!

Thanks again.

There’s a couple of simple things you can try here. do the following:

Set Comodo Firewall’s Network level to “Safe Mode”

Set Comodo’s Defense+ to “Clean PC Mode”

Goto the Firewall tab and click on “my Network zones” and remove all except for Loopback.

Check your Network Security Policy on the “Advanced” page of the Firewall Tab and look for any “blocked” applications and remove them.

Log off your computer and then back on again. When the network thing comes up, click on “ok”

Run your VPN and allow for each. The same goes for your utorrent.

This should recreate your rules.

Further information and exact instructions on Utorrent can be found here:

Thanks for answer, it helped.

I will take a look on the UTorrent page later.

You think you could give me a “step by step” how to uninstall if it’s needed in future?

And i’m wonder… Is there any feuture for “game” mode or something similar? I’ve noticed there is a “Install mode” in 5 minutes where it give acces to all installations automaticly within 5 minutes.

If i want for example World of warcraft that it gives fully acces to it, no question about the program… You know what i mean?

Because i’ve noticed that in the game “Counter strike” it gives a freeze about each 10minutes … Just a freeze for like 5 seconds but it’s still little annoying, and im almost sure that it’s the Firewall who’s “checking” something at this specially moment.

So thanks if you could answer these question.

Thank you again for your time!

See Below link for some useful advice for getting things to work with online games:

There is a F.A.Q. somewhere but can’t see it at the moment.

To uninstall, simply click on: Start>>>Programs>>>Comodo>Comodo Internet Security>>> [Uninstall link]

Once done, reboot.

If in XP delete the following directory:

C:/Documents and Settings/all users/application data/Comodo

Download and run the following after install cleanup script:

Why are you guy’s not fixing a easier install if people need it? :o

It’s something that is improving with every version. Actually there isn’t anything leftover in that Comodo folder, I just delete it as a matter of routine when installing a fresh version…

Left over registry entries are a common thing though the installer does quite a good job at removing most of them.