Installed CIS – Can't find rule sets any more

I’ve been using Comodo Firewall and Defence+ for some time now and have a complex set of rules defining which IP addresses are allowed to do what, which TCP/UDP ports are allowed and which applications may access which services.

This morning I installed CIS as I wanted to try Comodo Antivirus.

My Comodo Firewall seems to have disappeared and to have been incorporated into CIS, but my rule sets haven’t been imported.

Given that CIS replaced my Comodo Firewall during installation (it didn’t ask me if I wanted it to), how do I get it to import my rule sets?

Did you export your rulesets before installing v6?

No, I didn’t. I thought I was installing Comodo Anti-Virus (that’s what the link on the Comodo site said) so I didn’t realise that it would be overwriting my exist firewall config.

I backup my firewall config by dumping the registry entries so I was able to restore my config easily enough once I reinstalled Comodo Firewall.

Should I assume from your question that if I had exported my config (I guess you mean to a .cfgx file) that I will be able to import it into CIS?

Yes, theres a button for it.

Dont forget to activate the imported config after importing !

For future and everybody’s reference. When having firewall installed and want to add the AV do not download the AV installer and try to install on top the firewall but go to the Comodo Internet Security folders in the Windows Start Menu and choose Add/Remove components. Also follow this path when you have the suite installed and want to remove the AV.