Installed But Not Working?


I have just installed the release version of the program.

Running Vista 64. Installed Vista 64 version of program.

I received my certificate OK and it has installed. PC rebooted as program requested.

I am using MS Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 sign and encrypt is off as the instructions.

I type a new message and press send and the email is sent as normal. I was expecting a pop up to appear but it does not.

I have looked in the SecureEmail Config Menu and it is ticked to monitor the outlook email folder.

Any ideas why it’s not working for me?



Ah getting there. First problem has been solved. I installed the 64bit version, but I am only running 32bit outlook 2007, (this wasn’t very clear). :slight_smile:

Uninstalled 64bit version and installed 32bit version. SecureEmail now scanned my email folder. :slight_smile:

Next problem. I am using sky email which is gmail. I have set the SecureEmail to use port 995 for pop and 465 for SMTP, by editing the default values in SecureEmail Config. These are the correct settings and send and receive OK in outlook 2007. The SSL box is ticked also. So my email works fine. But when I send an email there is no popup and it just sends as normal, (no encryption).

SSL issue?

Any ideas?

Cheers Ian.

I will report back if I find a solution.

Hi Ian.

This isn’t a bug. SecureEmail 1.0 does not have SSL support, here’s the FAQ extract:
Q. I’m using POP and SMTP over SSL but CSE doesn’t seem to work.
A. The current versions of SecureEmail and SecureEmail Pro do not support SSL connections to mail servers. Version 1.1 of both products will, however, feature full support for SSL over POP/SMTP/IMAP and is due for release shortly.

There is a 1.1 Beta available in the beta corner for beta test with SSL support, 32 bit version only.

CSE Beta Corner

CSE 1.1 Beta announcement post:

How to configure SSL with CSE, applies to 1.1 Beta:

Kind Regards,