Installed AV & Firewall, but got...

I downloaded and installed the AV and Firewall from the free products page, in that order.

Then I couldn’t find the AV in the tray, and trying to run cav_installer.exe again, it just crashed.

So I uninstalled all Comodo stuff from add/remove programs, and then installed them again, but Firewall first, and AV last this time.

Now I don’t see Firewall in the tray.

I would have thought they’d get along a little better than that…(?)

Also, I never asked for a browser, nor a buddy. It never gave me an option where to install it, and I didn’t want it on my C: drive! :frowning:

edit: presumably, I’m to use the “Internet Security” download, instead - but I still have to uninstall everything and go again, and it should have still worked the way I did it.

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.


You should download CIS cause there are both AV and FW in one complete product.

There is “Customize Installer” option under “Agree and install” button. You can exclude things you don’t want, change installation directory and some other options…

All standalone versions of the installer have all the modules that make-up CIS included, they just have different installation scripts to only install the module you’ve selected by default.

If you want to add a module to your installation, go to the Comodo folder in your programs list and select Add and Remove components. Using this wizard, you can add a component to your installation.