Installed and set up latest version of CFP77, happy, but still NO UPDATES

Morning all, hope everyone is doing well.?

I have searched for a while for an answer to my query, but only found other members asking the same, but with no replies.

Ive been training CFP77 the latest version for over a week now, and am very happy with the protection, and configurations etc, but the one thing that still confuses me, like the previous version, is that there are still no updates available. I understand it requires IE to update. but even when i have IE open to gain access to www, still no updates are found.

Im sure there should be some updates available? What am i doing wrong?

I am also running, AVG, SpyBot, and Ad-Aware, which are all allowed to update either manually, or automatically. CFP is the only security software that I have which I cannot update, which is a little worrying.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to update CFP’s definitions? Either manually, or automatically.?

Thanks in advance.

CPF 3 updates tend to only take place on Thursdays and only when there is a major update. For Example, there is meant to be an update either today or tomorrow (being in the UK I don’t get the updates till about 7pm). The update is meant to add the New Comodo Antivirus/antispyware On-Demand basic scanner. It’s a apparently a new basic scanning engine. There is also meant to be an update at some point in the near future which will integrate Comodo Memory Firewall into CPF3.

** Usually there will be a posting in the “Announcements/News…” segment of the CPFirewall forum when an update will be released…

Hope this answers your question.


Thank you Eric, appreciated.

I will try later then. We are 2 hours ahead of the UK here.


The current version of CFP is

To my knowledge there has not been a version update since. Although one may be in the pipe soon based on information in other threads.

It sounds like you are looking for a frequent update similar to a AV signature update, CFP does not do that. A version update takes some time and does not happen that frequently.

What type of updates are you looking for?

Yes, your right. I was kind of thinking there would be a similar amount of updates as AVG and SpyBot, definitions, which are updated daily, definitions which are upto date with new daily viruses, and harmful online material.

Thanks for your reply.