I had installed CFP V3.0.13 some days ago. Afther that installation, shuting down my computer took several minutes. I decided to uninstall CFP to track this down. After uninstalling, the problem was gone. Now i want to reinstall it - only as a basic firewall whitout defense+. But the installation does no longer work. Shortly bevore the installation finishes, the installer crashes and performs a rollback. No no message, no information. Just a white window with the text: “Rolling back 241%”. How to get this work? (By the way, I wonder what exactly was rolled back after 100% was reached…)

There may be remaining pieces in the CFP directory and the registry. Use Explorer and browse to the Comodo folder (C:\Program Files\Comodo and see if there is any Firewall folder. If there is, delete it. Then you should remove any entries for the Firewall from the registry - if you are not comfortable doing this, you could download CCleaner (Free) and run it, but only remove entries for CFP. It makes a long list of registry entries that are no good (according to their analysis) but unless you understand a bit about the details, only remove entries for CFP for now. Then you should be able to re-install without the problem.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately your suggestions did not help. I have removed all files of CFP from my filesystem and also cleaned the registry with CCleaner. Nevertheless I cannot install CFP again. The installation process fails while copying the application signature database and performs a rollback, as decribed in my first post.

Comodo shoul urgently improve the installation / deinstallation routines of CFP, as this is extremly annoying…

Try downloading the installer again. It looks like it must be corrupted.

I installed without problems, but my neighbour has the same problem. The installer rolls back every time. He had problems with youruninstaller freezing the machine after the upgrade to v3. After the uninstall everithing went back to normal. Trying to install again fails.
I cleaned every comodo folder-file hidden or not on the pc, every instance of comodo in the registry, including cpf etc.
All to no avail. After the rollback, only files are in restore folder in prg f\comodo…

Any help would be welcome

Have a look at the Install/Uninstall issues links on this page: