Installation Question

Installed CPM on two windows 7 64 pcs. Apart from the odd crash, looks interesting and useful hopefully.

My question concerns what CPM does to the registry. Both my favoured install program, Installwatch (unfortunately nobbled by Windows updates), and ZSoft uninstaller report massive addition to the registry - the latter’s install log is a whopping 145 MB. This seems a tad strange for software which is supposed to preempt performance degradation resulting from a bloated registry.

Also, as CPM runs as a background daemon, I fear that it will reduce overall performance as it monitors more and more programs.

Any reassurance, anybody?

i cant say y it takes so much registry space but i use the latest beta version 90 and havent had any problems with it. it runs lighter then the 1.0 stable version
i dont notice any slow downs with my system and the monitoring service is currently using 5mb on my system. i would recommend you try the latest beta build here:

hope this helped

The two software mentioned are both using snapshot based technology. Maybe you took the second snapshot after the CPM installation restart, so there are many unrelated entries caught between the first snapshot that you took and the second one. At windows startup there are many modifications made to the system that are not related with CPM installation.
Thank you.

True, they both use snapshots and the post-install snapshot was taken after system restart required by CPM and a first run. But, I have never seen such an enormous pump to the registry with any other software after a system restart and first run. I do not feel reassured.