Installation Question

When I was installing the Firewall, it asked me to allow the installation of some drivers (if I recall correctly). I did that, but now I’m in doubt if I should have done that, as they popped in separate windows. Can anyone tell me if they were part of the installation?


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I can confirm this, when you install the firewall on a vista machine you will get a pop up of windows vista asking you if you want to install the signed Comodo firewall drivers…

You have to select yes, and optionally you can check always to trust signed drivers of Comodo CA limited corporation.

On previous installations there were some bugs with the installation of this so called virtual firewall drivers, these bugs have been resolved and now you get a nice pop up that asks you if you wish yo install the firewall drivers… (I recommend you to do that…, because these are signed drivers, digitally signed by Comodo I mean…)

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Thank you for your answers, I’m a COMODO user for some time now and never had those popups to appear, so I didn’t know if they were part of the installation.



You are welcome! no problem at all!

Have a nice day!