Installation problem

Hi all,

I’m having major problems installing Comodo Firewall.
I’ve managed to use the uninstaller from this forum to try again, but keep having the same problem.

It gets all the way to the end, then shows an alert box with “Problem with deleting with Shortcuts.Please kindly delete the shortcuts manually.”
The only option is “Ok” and Comodo rollsback the installation.

Any ideas as to what’s going wrong?

Do you have any other active security products installed? AV, Anti-spyware, HIPS, etc…

If so, please completely deactivate/disable/turn off these before attempting to install the FW. Also, be sure you have removed all traces of a previous firewall (services, registry entries, etc) - I recommend using a registry cleaner such as RegSeeker to clean out old entries.

Also, where did you download the firewall installation package? And what version is it?


I downloaded CFP_Setup_English_2.4.18.184.exe from this site.
I made sure that Sygate Personal Firewall was well and truly removed, and there were no spyware apps running, but NOD32 was still active (I’m not keen on having to uninstall/re-install/re-configure it).

I’ll have another go tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!

I’ve not seen any reported problems with nod and CFP. I tried the reinstall method with both, so I know :wink:

You shouldn’t have to uninstall NOD, enkoda. Just disable it (most especially, the “active” aspect of it), making sure no on-access scanner, heuristics, etc are running. These may interfere with the install of CFP. While this is true of some AVs anyway, CFP installs kernel-level drivers, which active AVs may take offense with. :wink: