installation problem


i have a lastest version of comodo firewall, but,

i tray to install, and the installation program
it has a message

“you have any third personal firewall installed, pelase un.install that before isntalling comodo …”

but i don’t have a firewall in my pc… the windows firewall it’s desactivate so, what’s the problem?


sorry for my english :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, mact_18.

If I remember correctly, this is just the standard warning message in case you do have a firewall installed. If you want to ensure that the Windows Firewall is completely disabled, check this.

yes, but de windows firewall it’s disabled

Like I posted above, it’s just a message in case you have one installed; it does not necessarily mean you do ;).

So Windows won’t allow you to install? What OS platform are you running?

windows xp whit SP2 build 2600

i would try to desactivate the service using “msconfig”

but the problem steel work

antivirus NOD32

I’m trying to figure what service was disabled in msconfig?

service was disabled in msconfig too

problem stell work :frowning:

this is the message

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Except for the first link, the others did not have a solution, unfortunately. Have you scanned for malware on your system?

i have scan mi pc whit NOD32 and Spybot
and nothing

Did you ever have any previous firewall installed? There could be file/registry remnants. If not, then I can only suggest to register and file a ticket:

no, nothing

the reg it’s clean

please hep :cry:

i send the ticket around two weeks and nothing

I have a ticket of my own that’s almost 2 months old and is still pending. They must be hard-locked on version 3.

When you tried to install was it on the default drive and path (i.e. drive C:\ and Comodo directory)?

Are you on an administrator account? I found a recent topic just now that relates to changing from Admin to User account that causes something similar:,7261.0.html


i am in adminstrator account and nothing


I’m really losing out on ideas here :-[. Try to really and completely disable the XP firewall:,5708.msg42918.html#msg42918

To do this, you may have to temporarily re-enable the Windows service of xp fw first.

Another suggestion (although unlikely going to work) is to run the manual uninstaller:,5326.0.html

Any errors in the event logs? (%SystemRoot%\system32\eventvwr.msc)