Installation Problem [RESOLVED]

I have Windows XP. I was running Comodo version and so I tried to update .
I downloaded the latest version then uninstalled the version I was running and then installed the latest download (.17)
I restarted the computer and it kept looping at bootup.
I went into safe mode and uninstalled Comodo and the computer started ok.
I again downloaded the latest version in case the previous download was corrupted, and installed it.
I restarted my computer and it again keeps looping at bootup and freezing at shutdown.
I have uninstalled Comodo so now have no firewall.
Anyone know what is happening and how to fix it?


Try doing a complete uninstall of CFP.
What other security software do you run together with CFP 3?


The only background security I have running is AVG anti virus.
I’ll try cleaning out the reg, disabling AVG and installing again.
I’ll give an update of that result. (if I can!)

I uninstalled Comodo then did a registry entry clean using three different reg cleaners to remove all traces of Comodo and rebooted.
I then disabled my internet connection and also AVG.
I then installed Comodo again.
It still keeps looping at bootup and the only thing I can do is cut the power and then restart in safe mode to uninstall Comodo so I can use my pc.
This is some serious bug I think.
I may have to revert to ZA which I do not want to do but I need to use my pc.
Is there any way I can d/load and install my previous version of Comodo? (…)
Hopefully that would work again.

Let’s hope that your problem will be gone in the next release of CFP 3. If you want to use, you can download it (and earlier versions) from FileHippo :wink:


Thanks for the link Ragwing - I’ll try reverting to an earlier version.

Found out what was causing the reboot/looping.
There is a “file system service” called InCD installed on your pc if you have Nero/Ahead (cd burner) installed.
This apparently causes rebooting roblems with some software - in my case Comodo.
I went into msconfig and stopped InCD from running and this allowed me to install and run the latest version of Comodo with no problems.

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