Installation problem [Resolved]

I’ve installed CPF but it crashes right after the splash screen. Sometimes it starts to ask if certain programs can be allowed. I’ve deleted the entire program and re-installed, but the same thing happens. Running XP. I need some advice… Thanks

Are you installing the official version, or the latest beta?

What other security software do you have loaded? programs like Windows Defender, antivirus, other firewalls, ets…

Got rid of Windows Defender a few days ago; deactivated Norton Antivirus. Trying to install the .11 version, non-beta. Was using ZoneLabs firewall until I read about your product possibly using less system resources. Completely uninstalled that, as far as I know. Thanks…

Have you tried reinstalling since the removal of Windows Defender? As you may be aware, WD would have stopped the insertion of the Run & Service registry entries unless you intercepted that and Allowed it.

Keeping NAV installed is also not a good idea. 2 AV products that offer RealTime scanners still have their hooks (and possibly services) registered and in place which can cause conflicts, even if “disabled”.

Hope this helps, post back your results.

OK I’ve uninstalled Norton AV and Firetrust Benign and World Time Clock, anything I can imagine would interfere. Still your program doesn’t install completely; I get the splash screen and it starts to sift through various programs, like “Firefox is trying to access the internet” and then after a couple of choices it’s done. I never get to see a main program screen. I get an error message that CPF has encountered a problem and must close, then there’s a question about whether I am uninstalling or updating the program, yes or no. (I’m not sure how to answer that).

Also, is there a quick way to get back to my own thread on this forum?

Thanks… I’m still hoping this can get resolved but I’ve spent a lot of time uninstalling and reinstalling and crashing…

OK…as Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say, “Never mind.”

Strangely, after I decided to install your AV program in spite of CPF not working right, now CPF completed its installation and seems to be working as promised.

Go figure! All’s well that ends well, they say.

Very strange. Just needed one more reboot, eh?

In any event, I am glad that you got everything working. :wink: