Installation options

I recently installed Comodo firewall again after a few months to see how it improved, but is it me or the installation has less features/options to customize the firewall, like p2p feature, how strong you want the hips, etc. WHAT HAPPENED!?

Not at all. Comodo 3.0 if you install it with the D+ has everything installed by default. What option did you chose when you installed it?

Hmm, I’m trying to say that a few updates ago the installtion of the firewall had more customizing like how strong you want D+ and if you use P2P applications, but all the new one had was the virus scan and the D+ warranty upgrade for like $40, does anyone know what I mean?

If you download the firewall only you do not get a V-Smart option. When is the last time you installed Comodo? I have never known there be a P2P option when installing Comodo and that goes back as far as I know till Nov 07. The malware scanner was introduced month ago.

No, this is a fact as I have downloaded and installed version3 a couple of times, where are these options now?

Gone! It became simplyer :slight_smile:

Actually I also first installed Comodo 3.0v immediately when it came out (November-December can’t remember) to check it out. I remember it had more installation steps like the ones tou mention.

I had it uninstalled and installed it again 1-2 months ago and the installation guide had became much more simple. So don’t worry about it :wink:

I don’t remember all these as installation options either, but I often just did upgrades due to problems with clean installations. Installation options that I have seen discussed really just changed the settings of the type of parameters that you can easily access after installation also. If you go to firewall/common tasks/stealth port wizard you can see reference to the setting you may be thinking of for P2P clients, for example. . Other settings are under advanced/firewall behavior settings. For strength of D+, go to D+/advanced/D+ settings for options. AFAIK nothing has been lost along the way, and all is accessible and controllable from the installed program. You can even switch between firewall only and the full capability by going to miscellaneous/manage my configurations/select and toggling between “Comodo-Network Security” and “Comodo-Optimum Security”. So the flexibility is there. :slight_smile:

Thanks sded I am glad I am not the only one. Maybe 2.4 gave you those options?

Hehe…no version 3 had these options.

Vettetech, you and I had things working pretty well and wanted to use everything anyway, so might just have bypassed any detailed options the developers tried out. I know there were some experiments with the installer, when they changed the database format and probably other times. Could be the developers tried putting control of some of these things into the installer-I just don’t remember using it either? But disinter1, try using what is there now for control of CFP3 and it should all work for you without even having to reinstall. Vettetech is the right guy for P2P and Gaming if you need setup help there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, and yes I am familiar with the knowledge of Vettetech and his topics.


AAAAAwwwwwwwwww thank you sded…but your the modder.

Yeah, but I don’t use P2P and I am not a gamer (among other things). And the stuff requiring inbound connections seems to cause more than its share of user questions. :wink: I’m still trying to figure out how cable router neighborhoods really work. :slight_smile: