Installation on Win98


I did something stupid. Well, maybe not stupid, but I didn’t read the warning on the download page.

So I installed AntiSpam on Win98, rebooted and then came the errors. First it was the userenv.dll, then the powrprof.dll, and then ntdll.dll. I saw this won’t be happening, so I uninstalled Antispam and rebooted. The errors remained.
I managed to somehow find the wrong dll’s so that Windows now don’t show any error when booting up, but now MSN Messenger won’t start up. It says that samlib.dll is causing an error in the ntdll.dll file. I uninstalled messenger and installed it, but the error keeps appearing. All the other messengers are running fine.

I’d like to know which dll files the installation overwrites so i can replace them. For instance: I replaced one dll file (forgot the name - something about the power and control panel) and now I’m not getting any errors in powrprof.dll file.

Or if there is an alternate way to solve this, I would really appreciate it.

Hi and welcome to the forums. (:WAV)

Please contact the support team for this issue.
visit and select ‘Submit a Ticket’



I contacted the support team and got and e-mail. It said, that Comodo products don’t support Win98 and that’s it.

I don’t think this is the right support I was looking for, 'cause I know that information alredy. And I stated that in the ticket.

If someone can help me, please just write down the files which AntiSpam installs, so I can check and replace them.