Installation of CTM doesnt work

I tried to install CTM, but it doesn´t work. The installation works properly, but after restarting the system cancels the installation, all files are deleted.
My system: W7 64-bit- c: is a SSD
What happened?

I reinstalled the program now tried to use the Installation starting as administrator, but this is also no way.
After reinstallation Win7 seems to deinstall the prog, when i cancel the deinstallation and start the program a window apppears:
Critical Error: A critical subsystem required for the proper function of the product is not acitve. This usually happens with an incomplete installation. Please re-install the product and try again
New download and reinstallation doesnt work :frowning: I tried it 5 times

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Comodo time machine is not compatible with SSD if you don’t make some small changes; please look around.

Valentin N;msg496454#msg496454 here you go :slight_smile:

i have a HDD too and installed the prog on the disk.
But that seems not to be a help, it does not work too

Naturally it won’t work ! Unless you turn off the TRIM functionality of your SSD, even though you installed CTM on your 2nd HDD, but your OS was installed on your C: drive which is a SSD !
( Also you must note that with TRIM turned off, SSD’s performance and life-span would be considerably reduced in the long run ! )

p.s. with TRIM turned off CTM would most likely work on a SSD, but it’s Not 100% guranteed. Also next time when starting a new thread you may look around and do some reading in the forum first, as there was a very similar thread that’d been put up just 2 days ago. ( It might be a good idea that you continued with that thread instead )