Installation of CIS Pro 2012 stuck at 96 percent

Hi, I really want to try your product but this is the second time I am seeing the installer stay at 96 percent and just hang. (first was a few months ago and this time was after a fresh install of Windows 7 x64). My network connection disconnects and the only way to recover is to run a system restore after a reboot. I searched the forums and found nothing on this. Has anyone seen this issue?

So to update this. I can open the app at the 96 percent mark but some options don’t work. I rebooted my PC to find the NIC is not working. I tried to uninstall/reinstall the NIc but that doesn’t work either. I even had the network troubleshooter fix the problem but it could not as well. Also after a reboot, the app shortcut doesn’t show up on the Desktop anymore.


Can you see if the admin account’s temp folder still holds the installation logfiles, they might reveal what goes wrong.
You can find them in c:\users<Admin UserID>AppData\Local\Temp

If you say fresh install is that a OEM rescue partition ‘restore’ or a real fresh install with a Microsoft DVD that doesn’t hold your systems drivers and pre-loaded software?

Fresh install, meaning a format, reinstall of 7 from the DVD. I had not loaded any AV software.

I restored back already so I will reinstall to see what shows up. There are some logs in the Temp folder, but they don’t look like much.

Attached are the logs.

This time, it hung at 83 percent.

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