Installation of CIS only available in english

I have installaed COMODO CIS (newest version on 2 systems without problems, but on the next system I have only the choise to install in english, but this is also a Windows XP german machine

Please can you help me
with kind regards
Andreas form central Switzerland.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I don’t understand why there is a difference, but if you go ahead and install in English you should be able to change the language by going to Miscellaneous, then settings then language and choosing Deutsch.

Isn’t there this option in your CIS setting?


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Hello, thanks for your response, no I have only English in this pull-down, I’m really confused

I hope you can help, I have reinstalled several times
with kind regards Andreas

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Did you install CIS to the different drive?
Not C: ?

You may try this:

You can download an archive with the latest German translation files from the link in my signature and extract them into the directory \Translations. After a restart of the GUI, the German language should be selectable.

But it’s pretty odd, since at least the Russian and Chinese translations (the ones done by COMODO), should be delivered with the updater, in case they are missing. Therefore, if they were missing, the updater should notify you, that there are updates available and at least install these additional languages.

Regards, Michael