Installation of CFW leads to instant BSOD [M716]

Devs have marked this issue as “Fixed” in build 4142.
Please try the beta build in order to verify it.

Thank you.

Semper_Fidelis, please note that if you are not comfortable running Beta software it is fine for you to wait until the final release in order to test whether this is fixed on your system. However, as your problem was a BSOD, it may be worth trying the Beta as currently it seems CIS was unusable on your system. The Beta seems pretty safe (although do remember that it’s still Beta software, and all Beta software may have bugs).


Hi Chiron,

Waited for the final release, and am happy to confirm that the issue has been fixed in CFW version, which I installed today.

The new version installed fine and runs fine.

Very happy to be back with CFW on that portable workstation.

Thanks again to the devs for fixing this unlucky BSOD issue preventing the installation and use of CFW 7.

I’m very happy to hear that. This entry is now closed in the tracker and I will move this to Resolved.

Thanks again.