Installation of antivirus component

Can Comodo anti virus be installed from my current Comodo installation where I only have the firewall module installed or do I need to do a new download and setup? Also will my current antivirus program be removed by Comodo or do I have to uninstall that myself?

I believe you need to install the AV and firewall together.

You should uninstall your current AV before you install CIS. Also you may want to back up your current configuration before uninstalling unless you want to retrain CIS when you reinstall.

Thanks Chiron,

I know initially it gives you that option to install both, just the av, or just the firewall.
I’m surprised that if you choose one or the other it does not give the option of installing the module left uninstalled the 1st Time!!


you can jsut run the installer again and have both checked. Then install.

Do you mean you don’t have to uninstall first?

nope, just run the installer again and when selecting components make sure both are check, because if you uncheck the firewall it will uninstall it. Then just proceed with the install as normal,

Right! Thanks found that out on my own about an hr ago. I found if you select uninstall it gives option of uninstalling or changing configuration. Select Change which brings up screen to Check both av & firewall modules or either one or the other…

Thanks again!