Installation mode

When I make some application “installer or updater” Defense+ asks to enable installation mode. As described in help, installation mode is used to grant installer’s child processes the same rights. But why installation mode is not automatically disabled when process chain from installer is terminated? (installation ends at this moment)

You’ll get a notification proposing to return to previous mode in several minutes. Also you can return to previous mode from general page of CIS

Installation mode could be set while installing several applications, or while updating(in this case updating application will not be closed after update) so Installation mode is not being swithced back after installer process is closed.

So installation mode is applied to the whole system? What will happen in case of malware attack at this time?

When you are asked if you want to switch to installation mode, reply no. Usually the install will continue with no further popups (or few anyway). You will not then be asked to switch back because you were never in installation mode, but the install was when you made it an installer or updater.

Try it anyway, it can’t break anything.


I do not think so as far as I know all installation mode does is stop you having further alerts from child process of the parent process you allow in the first alert.
You can try this by not accepting installation mode but make sure if you get further alerts for child process you give them installation rights aswell, otherwise you will keep getting alerts for the same child process.
I have done this when I want to see what further processes are need during the install.
EDIT Some installs only require only one process for the install to run.

When switching to Installation Mode, are the defences down generally for anything else to take advantage of, or is only the particular program being installed that has full permissions?

Edit: Sorry, I just used this thread as a recent ‘Installation Mode’ one while searching for an answer to this question. It looks to be answered above. It would be nice to have the doubt removed if possible though.