Installation Mode

Switch to Installation Mode please make it Switch to previous Mode on reboot.
As the screen to switch back does not always appear infront if doing other tasks.



Yeah that’s a good idea!


+0x01 :slight_smile:

Would be very nice indeed +1

I wouldn’t mind a little on-top-of-everything window in one of the corners of the screen telling me “HEY. You’re still in installation mode.” and offer me a button to return to the previous profile. Maybe offer an extended window (Like how the normal alerts have the more/less options…option) with a drop-down list of all the profiles with the previous profile selected by default.

Not necessarily a good idea, as some programs require a reboot before installation will continue.

OTOH, replacing that silly text “previous mode” with “standard mode” or “regular mode” shouldn’t tax the developers too much, and would at long last make it clear.

I doubt if CIS/CPF3 would remember which process was doing the installation on reboot so you received a new alert on reboot.

My point exactly :wink: