Installation mode: Why doesn't it automatically switch back?

I have been using CIS for a while now, and am finally tired of seeing the “Still in Installation mode: Do you want to switch back?”

Is there a way to change the settings of the timer on this or a way to make it return automatically to Previous Mode after a reboot? Or a timer of say 20 minutes?

When I install some programs they require a reboot to work. If I have to leave suddenly and not return to the house for the day CIS is left in Installation mode the whole day.

I am sure there is some way to change the settings, but I can’t find them anywhere.

Please move this post to the correct forum if needed.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the only way to revert to CIS’s previous D+ mode it to manually change it or wait for the popup warning. There have been many discussions about Installation Mode on the forums (and what can be done to improve its usability). The new CIS inferface coming with CIS v.4.0 will hopefully solve these problems with Installation Mode because a lot of thought has gone into how it should work in the new version with help from forum users and the developers. :slight_smile:

You may submit a suggestion for a timer or similar solution as mentioned here. Hopefully the devs will include it in future versions.

Ah. Well thanks for the answer on that.

Hopefully they will be able to do something like this. :slight_smile:

If they can’t then perhaps Comodo will send some one over to your house and do it for you. Save you the inconvenience.