Installation Mode switching off

Is it necessary to ameliorate Installation Mode switching off?

I think, that present sollution is best. But it should be more clever.
When I define some app. as installer, then I prefer to see alert to switch off immediatly after that app. closed. I had several times situation when installer did its job, but alert window appears only 10-15 minutes later! That’s more than default 5 minutes!

Me too.
But I see substantial wars of words about that. )))

Question: If selecting Installation mode is for the program that you are responding to as a popup, how does CIS deal with selecting Installation mode before the program(s) are run? Is this more of a training mode than installation mode?

This is under a veil of secrecy for me too…But I am not upset about it. I am home user and I have secret weapon (format c) Weapon of mass viruses’ destruction.

If selecting Installation mode is for the program that you are responding to as a popup, how does CIS deal with selecting Installation mode before the program(s) are run?
You would still receive a pop-up for the progam you are installing but you will not receive the pop-up to actually switch modes

Installation mode allows the parent application to launch up to X processes (3 or 5, I can’t remember), and these processes to run with out producing pop-ups. Beyond that number you will again receive pop-ups.
hope this helps

Is this more of a training mode than installation mode? In my opinion, no it is not.
I do not save Installation mode rules in D+. I either uncheck the remember when the first pop-up appears, and/or I go through the D+ rules occasionally and delete the rules created for apps with “Treat as” “Installer or Updater” except “Windows Updater Applications” leave that one alone.


the present situation is a pain in the ■■■■! plus it makes no sense. sometimes there is about a half hour before it pops up. or i reboot or something and twenty minutes later i might see it. it should just be automatic. if i need it again i will just click install mode again. i install and re install apps on a daily basis. sometimes lots. it is very annoying and seemingly senseless. online armor is very easy. it knows when the app is done installing. grandma can use that fw

Flash the icon red when in installation mode. one click on the icon takes you back to previous mode. thats my solution. surely people are becoming increasing annoyed by the current (always too late) popup. i know i am.

I posted this in the “usability study” forum, but only users with a special membership can view that forum. I am posting the info here for those of you who cannot access that forum…I think it will be a useful addition to this thread.

Installation Mode

Installation mode has been the source of much confusion (e.g. post #1, post #2, post #3).

Based on many posts, the following issues can be corrected to help improve the clarity and functionality of the installation mode.

  1. Make it clear that installation mode applies only to the program (or programs) for which it has been activated. This clarification should be made in the:
    a. Dialogue which prompts for activation of the installation mode (see 1st pic).
    b. Status screen
    c. Dialogue which prompts for de-activation of the installation mode
    d. Get rid of the “return to previous mode” issue (see item 4 below).
  2. The tray icon should change to show that the installation mode is active.
  3. A better method is needed to automatically disable installation mode. If possible, it would be nice to open a dialogue window (see 2nd pic) when the installer program terminates that will ask if you want to disable installation mode for that program. If the installation requires a reboot, some have requested that the installation mode is automatically disabled on reboot (or that a dialogue window, such as the 2nd pic, opens on reboot asking if you want to disable installation mode). And then as a last resort, in 5 minutes a reminder window (see pic 2) can pop up if installation mode is still active. In may be nice to have an option to automatically shut off installation mode when the installer terminates or on reboot (if this option is not selected, then the dialogue window would pop up in these circumstances) - see 3rd pic.
  4. Do not use “return to previous mode” for disabling installation mode. Installation mode does not change the D+ mode for all other programs; therefore, the D+ mode should NOT change when installation mode is active. Get rid of “return to previous mode,” do not change the D+ mode when installation mode is active, but simply indicate whether installation mode as “on” or “off” for a given program. This makes it more clear that installation mode is NOT a separate D+ mode (D+ mode still applies to all programs), but installation mode is simply applying a special “trusted” status only to the installer.

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YES! thank you. third picture is best option imo

but then again, who would want the 2nd option in the 3rd picture. the point is is that it is very annoying to have it keep popping up and having to keep telling it to go into installation mode a second time. because first you have to click on the dialogue box in lower right corner, then click again on another dialogue box, then try to catch it some time later to switch back(which seems to have no set time, or may run in the background and you miss it). it’s a hassle for those who install and uninstall lot’s of software. it is even for people that don’t. it gets in the way most of the time.

Another point is in “requires reboot”. Some people don’t reboot immideatly after installing/updating. So, anyway it usefull to offer returning from Inst.Mode after installer/updater terminated.

About noticing every 5 minutes - usefull =) Sometimes I forget to return to prev.mode. Such notice remembers me about “hole” in security =)

GREAT ideas whoop-de-doo. I particularly like the idea of Instalation Mode ending automatically ending once the installer (we would still need to give the user an autoclosing dialogue advising that Installation Mode is ending). The bit about end after reboot is clever and thorough and shows how much thought you are putting into this. We all really appreciate your effort mate.

Ewen :slight_smile:

yes. that is the point i have been trying to make