Installation Mode [Solved]


I recently switched from Comodo Firewall to Comodo Internet Security. When using Comodo Firewall, I was asked to switch to Installation Mode when installing a new program. With Internet Security, this does not happen any more. Is this normal ?

Regards, Stefan Lecho.

When installing a new program, Defense+ will pop up a window asking if you wish to allow the application. One of your choices will be to select installation mode. Alternatively you can select this mode before installing a new application.

After upgrading to Comodo Internet Security, this pop-up is no longer shown (at least not on my machine). Can this behavior be configured somewhere ? Manually switching to Installation Mode is a little bit cumbersome :o(.

I’m using CIS. When I get any installer - it go to My Pending Files (I use CleanPC Mode for D+).

When I launch this installer, I get an alert and options what to do with it. There I select option “threat as an installer” and CIS asks me do I want to go to Installation Mode? I answer Yes and CIS change to Installation Mode =)
And only after successful install I run Purge + Lookup =)

Re-installing CIS solved this issue :wink:

Most Welcome Kesher

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