Installation mode questions

Coupla’ questions . . . all related to the “Installation Mode”:

  1. I recently did an update for my Avira AntiVir, and I got a Defense Plus alert . . . that part is fine. And in the alert I checked to “Treat this application as” an “Installer or Updater” . . . and “Remember my answer” . . . all fine again. Then I got the “Switch to Installation Mode?” window . . . still fine:

And I said “Yes” to it. Then after a few seconds I got the “Reminder”:

But here’s my question on this. What is the default if you don’t click on anything in time??.

  1. Second question: How do you check and make sure it went out of “Installation mode”? For me that would be “Safe mode” (in Defense+ Settings). In Defense+ Settings, there is no such listing as “Installation mode”. Nevertheless, when I checked my Defense+ Settings, the slider was indeed on “Safe mode” . . . is that sufficient??. This may be a duhhhh . . . moment for me, but since there’s not such a thing as an “Installation mode” listing in the Defense+ Settings, I’m not absolutely sure it went out of it.

And what about if you checked “No” on the “Reminder”. How would you then get it out of “Installation mode” since there’s no slider for it in Settings??

I did check my Computer Security Policy afterwards, and it showed up as I thought it should based on what I checked in the alert:

3. And finally, the next time I run the AntiVir updater, I assume I won’t get any Defense+ alert . . . correct?


Hi BobJam.

  1. It will keep asking you to go back to switch back to previous Mode, You need to click Yes.

  2. Go to CFP 3 main GUI. See under Proactive Defense: “Switch to installation Mode” or “Switch back to previous Mode” To make sure it’s out of installation Mode, You will have “Switch to installation Mode” You can toggle these for faster-access. If you click No, then same scenario, Open up main UI & Switch it back under Proactive Defense. Safe Mode is most recommended- I use it personally.

3)No you won’t Because the installer/updater Policy applies to that particular exe :slight_smile:

OK . . . got it. Thanks, Josh.

BTW, is your screen shot from the 3.5 IS beta?? I have CFP is why I ask and my main GUI is just a little bit different . . . but it still has that toggle mode thing you’re talking about.

Yes it’s from CIS 3.5…

Screen shot same as CFP 3.0.25, Just Proactive is smaller & under Highlights on the left. :slight_smile: