Installation Mode Problem


I have recently updated Comodo 3 Personal Firewall to the latest version using the inbuilt installer. The problem is when I switch to the Installation mode, CPF very frequently (in every 2-3mins) asks for my opinion whether I want to switch to “Previous mode”. it is not only annoying but pretty troublesome. Is there any way to change the notification frequency to a longer duration?

Secondly, after updating to the latest of CFP, I have two “cfp” entries in Startup in msconfig window. here are the screen shots:

Are both of these required? Can I disable one of these entries? The newer entry is added after last update and Winpatrol reported it to be related to Comodo internet Security, which i do not have. (:SAD) ???

Gee, after reading your post I discovered I, too, have the dual Start Up entries whereas I have only had ONE CFP entry in Start Up for ages! I’ll be curious to see the reply here.

And hope we get the response soon :slight_smile:

Any help please!!!

Please read this Topic
Thank you.

Thanks Dennis…

I have deleted the entry corresponding to the CIS from registry and it seems to be running fine.

Could you also give a solution for the installation mode notification frequency problem?

No sorry I am afraid you cannot change the duration of installation mode.
It has been asked for in the past.
If you wish you could add it to the Wishlist please start a new topic if you add this wish as nobody has added it yet.
Thank you

I, too, created a restore point and then deleted the extra CIS entry from my registry. I first made sure cfp.exe was in the path to the Comodo\Firewall and also confirmed I don’t even have a Comodo\CIS path. No problems since. Thanks guys.

Thanks for your reply Dennis.
Could you please tell me what is the default duration of the frequency of notification?

Post from one of the team Here several minutes seems about right it is more than 4 minutes because I miss the alert sometimes and do not see it till I restart the computer again.

Thanks for the reply