Installation Mode is useless! I am so sick and tired of answering alerts during

upgrades. I just upgraded to v3.22 of Sandboxie and I swear I had to respond to at least a dozen alerts, even though I was in Installation Mode. Plus if you give it permissions once it should be enough. Half of them I was even able to acknowledge as a Trusted Application but they just keep on a coming.

These alerts are common to all process control type programs. And unlike you, I find that installation mode a blessing. You complain about a mere dozen. Before I discovered installation mode, I must have clicked on something on the order of a hundred such alerts trying to install google earth.

So the only way to test is to try to install the same program on what amounts to a virgin computer. ( Where virgin equals never having that program installed on it before ) Count the CPF3 alerts you get with installation mode on vs. the number alerts you get with installation mode off.

yeah installation mode works well for me too and thanks god we have it in CFP. What I also appreciate is that it doesn’t deactivate Def+ at all during the installation process, and all new files can be found and checked in the pending file list afterwards.