"Installation Mode". Do you use it?


Maybe it’s me but I feel that “Installation Mode” still offers way too many prompts when installing new software. Because of this, I usually end up disabling D+, leaving my system some what open. How do you install software? What are your views on this?


hi Graham

can you pls expand on what you mean that installation mode offers too many popups?

So when you are trying to install something you put it in installation mode and you still get alerts?



Hmmm… Yes, I use installation mode.

However, after turning it on I don’t get any installation related popups. Well, I get two more popups… One asking if I want to enter installation mode to get the fullest out of the policy, and another five minutes later asking if I want to return to my previous mode.

You are clicking Yes on the popup asking if you want to enter installation mode aren’t you?

As I’m trying out different software (say for testing), I get alot of registry prompts and it just makes my life easier by disabling D+. If CIS could work out (if possible) how many prompts I would get to complete the installation, then I would probably go through with it (if not too many).


Yes, I still get pop-ups sometimes.

No, I’m not ???. I didn’t realise it worked like that. I always set “Installation Mode” beforehand. Maybe thats where I’m going wrong then.


Edit: Btw, I’m running XP limited account should that make any difference.

You should wait until the first pop up, then set it as ‘Installer and Updater’. Then it will ask you to enter Installation Mode and press ‘Yes’.

Anyway, I myself don’t use Installation Mode because I like to see what new processes the installer is starting. Even when not entering Installation Mode, I still only get about 3 pop ups.

Thanks for that Graham. We will take into consideration better usability so that it will be easier for our users to use the installation mode.


Can you pls take some snapshots of these when in the installation mode and let us know which installer you are trying. Then we can try to replicate it.
Also can u give us a full breakdown of all the applications you are running on your PC and the OS version etc.


See this post in the usability forum for suggestions on how to make Installation Mode more intuitive, more user friendly, and less confusing (link is only accessible to members with special forum privledges).

Why do people keep posting links on the public forum to a limited user forum? ??? :-TD

+1, but you can always join the restricted group if you want to.

In defense of Whoop, he does usually note that the link is only available to members of the restricted group.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Same here. Sometimes during an installation, I get no other popups. Sometimes I will get several more. I just chalk off the difference to what is being installed. I can’t remember exactly what installs have caused additional popups.

Can you pls get us some screenshots next time so that we can see what this is about along with the usual requirements like OS etc. thank you.


On x64 you get pop-ups by services.exe because of driver installations, installation mode doesn’t help.
That should be improved.

Then I guess I have to ask the question: If anyone can just join the group if they want, why is it a limited forum to begin with?

LOL. Good question!

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