installation mode at startup

i’m using comodo and after installing logitech setpoint the firewall always start in installation mode without asking me

I don’t know what log should I give and how prevent this


Try to switch to normal mode by pressing “switch to previous mode” (screenshot).

Please give more details:

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hi , goodbrazer,
I can switch to previosu mode but only the boot sequence is complete

1- CPU Q6600
2- Windows xp sp2 to the latest hotfix
3- I have also node 32 2.7 as an antivirus, adware and I have install defense++
4- step to reproduce: only reboot : step to activate that bug: I installed setpoint414 and he always at the start check for new versions
5- I press switch to previous mode but I can only after the machine complete the boot (I have try bootvis or remove logitech update check but nothing seems to work)
6- I have customize my firewall according the forum tutorial (for sysrest and utorrent)

the computer is perfeclty clean (nod32+adaware+comodo3+ windows to the latest fix). I try to update every application as soon it’s possible (working also with a linux computer and I am a yum update maniac)