Installation mode and alerts.

When I install a program, Comodo asks me if I want to do so in installation mode, I click yes and then have to sit for probably half an hour or more allowing the installer to perform operations and repeatedly clicking to keep Comodo in installation mode whilst the program is still installing.

My question is,

Is this the way Comodo should perform while I’m installing?

Logic says to me that if I click installation mode then the program should be installed with the minimum of clicks.

I installed a new scanner and not for the first time, I’ve had to turn Comodo off because it increases the install time inordinately, and because I can’t leave the PC whilst install is in progress because of having to constantly click allow boxes.

Have I set Comodo up wrong or is is this normal?

You need to switch to install mode. When Comodo gives you a D+ alert about the program your installing you need to select install/updater from the pull down menu. Then you should get a box about switching to install mode. Click yes on that box. Better yet before installing anything I always open up Comodo and click “install mode” on the bottom under the D+ section. Be sure to switch back to normal mode afterwords. I don’t think your using install mode to its fullest. Also read the sticky’s. Here is one for you.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

That is what I’m doing, the problem is the install time increase and number of alerts which I have to click.


You should not get alerts if you using install mode. I put Comodo into install mode first. Then I install what I need to install. No alerts. Did you also try the link i sent you?

I tried the link, as far as I can tell I’ve done every thing as per the book.

The only alert you should get in installation mode is a popup every 2 minutes or so asking if you want to return to the previous mode? Do you get this? It is something to be ignored for the duration of the installation and requires no user action; just a reminder that you have changed modes and should return to the original eventually. Do you get additional popups? If so, what do they say?

I do get the alert every two minutes, the other alerts are various asking me to allow registry changes and other operations the installation program needs to do to install the program.

There may be more than one related program you need to treat as an installer/updater, even though in installation mode. Have you tried “treat as installer/updater” and “remember” for each popup? Should stop the popups shortly.

Did you put D+ in training mode also?

How do I disable this installation mode popup?

You can’t & won’t.

It is essential so you don’t get pop ups during installation. After installation, Switch back to previous mode when the alert comes back.


Is there any way NOT to have this popup reminder?

If I disable the “Firewall Security Level” and or the “Defence+ Security Level”?

It is too intrusive. In a word, annoying. I don’t require Comodo to “remind” me with a popup and as such this should be an option. I don’t like CPF3 nagging.

Yep, You can Disable Defense+

Thanks for the replies.

I submitted this as a suggestion for change.

The alert box to switch back to install mode is there for a reason. Install mode is only a temporary mode and you need to switch back to your previous mode so your security isn’t jeopardized.