installation issues interfering with keyboard and touchpad on laptop

recently I had installed comodo internet security onto my laptop, and the moment it was installed the laptop started acting in a weird manner, my keyboard won’t type a single thing, nor will the touchpad work as well, i had to hook up an external keyboard and wireless mouse, i need help in fixing the problem, i don’t want to be using or dragging around a laptop with those 2 extra accessories that i prefer to use on a desktop, is there a reason why soon after the comodo internet security isn’t allowing the laptops own touchpad and keyboard??? what can i do to fix this? it’s very frustrating.

My first thought is that something went wrong during installation. Thus, to rule that out (and hopefully solve the problem for you) please reinstall CIS by following the advice I give in this topic:

Let me know if the problem continues.


Can you post a screenshot of the Defense + logs. In the past we have seen problems with support software for keyboards and touchpad that would get offended when it was not allowed to access CIS processes in memory. I want to see if that is the case here.