Installation instructions for 3.0?

I am looking for installation instructions for 3.0. I have Win XP Pro x64 Ed and will be installing CFP 3.0 shortly. I am trying to learn as much in advance as possible.
1)Is there any special steps to take installing 3.0?
2) I see that the 3.0 User Guide is contained in the install. Is there any way to view the guide without actually installing CFP 3.0?
3)Should I use the Automatic Configuration as in the 2.4 guide?
4) I viewed the video (very well done). Should these steps be followed for 3.0?
5) Normally when I uninstall SW like FWs I disconnect my cable modem and turn off my AV and AS. Is it OK to install CFP 3.0 without an Internet connection?
Thanks much for your help.
I have searched assiduously for forum articles and read the ones I thought applicable but could not find basic 3.0 installation instructions.

I have installed version 3 without an Internet connection: no problems.


Thanks, MikeH.
I have a couple more questions:
1)I have Thunderbird and avast! (including WebShield). Is there any special instructions to accommodate them?
2)I think I will wait until the next release. Is there a place to see the release notes and estimated release dates?
Thanks again…John

You are very wise to wait for update see Bug Reports V3, also I think I read somewhere that the upate will be uninstall reinstall job so I have not install it on my Vista computer still running RC1.
I have it on my XP laptop and have only minor problems.
Edit Release date was this week.
See link below;msg111397#msg111397

Thanks, Dennis2.
I have been keeping an eye on the bug reports and will wait a little while. I must also figure out how to get rid of my nVidia hardware FW.
Is there a central place to look for release dates and/or notes and/or new release install special instructions?

When the first bug-fix installation package is released, I am sure there will be a rather prominent “sticky” announcement at the top of the Bug Reports and Help subforums for v3. That’s where I would look. You can also search Melih’s latest posts for any clues to an imminent release.

As for Thunderbird, you can assign it the predefined policy for an email client. This is found on the pop-up “Allow” dialog on the Drop-down beside the “Treat this application as…” option. If you have already got a policy for Thunderbird as a result of clicking “Allow” w/o choosing the predefined policy, you should change it. Click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy. On that page, locate the Thunderbird entry and select it. Click Edit and choose “Use a predefined policy” and select Email client from the drop-down. Be sure to click apply on this screen and all parent screens where you see an Apply button.
I don’t know Web Shield, but you may have to tell it to leave the CFP processes alone. I don’t know if it tries to inspect processes in memory, but that causes most of the conflicts with CFP. With that done, just give Web Shield the “Trusted Application” policy, either on the pop-up or by editing the entry in Network Security Policy as above.

Thanks much, AnotherOne and USSS.
I will keep an eye out for the notices and configure TB as noted.