Installation has totally knocked out internet and local network

Sorry folks, I thought I was smart. I am totally lost on gaining access to my local network, both wired and wireless. I have no access to an internet connection as long as Comodo’s Firewall is installed. Going through the manual and looking around the program, I cannot begin to understand the various settings. I don’t understand ports and I don’t understand IP addresses. I do understand what they do, but knowing what to allow, where to do it and what to expect has brought me to the point of canning the program. The very moment I uninstalled Zone Alarm’s firewall and loaded Comodo, my access to and from my local network disappeared, along with my internet connection. There has to be a simpler way to make this more understood. I had to start this thread with Comodo uninstalled so I could get onto your forum site.

Follow this step by step post - concise and clear - uses pictures. implement as you read & in about 10 minutes you’ll be set up.

Below it, he has another one for setting up Defense Plus.