Installation getting corrupt about once a week

I have the latest version of CESM. About a week ago, I noticed it wasn’t reporting on the status of my local endpoints correctly, and then, it would not remotely connect to those same endpoints on my LAN.

Today, on the CESM server itself, the CIS reported the Virus signatures out of date. I updated them via CESM, but nothing changed in the CIS report. A manual update in CIS did not change the status. Then my local test laptop was showing Offline, when it was clearly online.

I could do another system restore to try to bring CESM back to operational status, but that seems like a bad policy. Any thoughts?

Man, CESM is seriously harshing my mellow today. As the CIS appeared corrupt (it would not register updated Virus DB no matter how I tried to do it), I repushed via CESM. It uninstalled the old version, and finally (after two tries) installed a new version. I’m looking at it right now.

But CESM claims that CIS is not installed. Is not on the machine.

Sigh. Love Comodo, but this is weak.

Hi reelgriff,

Which SQL database are you using, LocalDB installed by ESM or separate SQL Express? If a separate DB, which version, 2005? 2008? 2012?

Is the SQLExp DB on the same host as the ESM server? How many EPs (endpoints) is your ESM managing and does the network and ESM host have enough juice to manage that amount of machines?

The symptoms you are describing sound like a DB problem because that is where ESM server is reading the information from. If the data in the DB is corrupt (or missing) then your ESM disaply will give you inaccurate information.

Please let me know what you find and we can get the support guys on the case if needed.