Installation for Home Users

Comodo never ceases to amaze me. If Melih reads this post, I would like to ask if I can install this on customers machines who we do antivirus and antispyware scans. As a Telecommunications company we offer free antivirus and free antispyware removal. I would like to start installing CIS on customer computers, if this is ok with the company. If you could let me know what I would need to do, or if it’s possible to do this. I’m slowly moving away from Avira and moving towards Comodo. YAY Comodo! (L)

I think he would say yes, as there was a similar post like this, but it is schools, and schools have a lot of computers, and it can be compared to customer system in this case with Comodo, that a company or organization has to provide a free malware solution to a lot of computers. :BNC

I read in the past Comodo had the tag line ‘free for personal free for commercial use’ for free products! Of course Comodos tag is ‘Creating Trust Online’.