Installation folder

Because CIS wouldn’t show all the profiles in the dialogs any more (anothr story) I had to install again.
I download 509 and found that this time I wasn’t allowed to install in any other folder but “Program Files”. I really resent this. I have a separate partition for my programs and don’t see the need for them all to be in a Program Files folder. Why do you restrict users like this? What’s it to you where I put the files?

Although this is the Help conf, I don’t need any - just letting off steam at programmers who do this sort of thing. At least you aren’t as bad as Garmin who insist on installing to the C: partition only!

Grr. >:(


It is truly odd that CIS forces you to install in the default Program Files folder. I never have had problems doing so under XP, Vista and Win 7.

Try downloading the latest 3.10 and try again. Get it here: .

Let us know how it went.