Installation fails on Windows 7 64-bit


After the install of Time Machine it requires a reboot, but when i reboot the system, the pc doesnt start up.
After the POST only a blinking cursor on the top left corner.
The OS is Windows 7 64-bit. I disabled the System Protection in de C:\ drive.

Any suggestions please ?

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Could you tell us what version you’re using and also what kind of HDD you use?

Valentin N

Hi Valentin and thx for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

Its a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
The HDD is a Samsung HM320HJ SATA hard drive.

I downloaded the latest version of Time Machine from the comodo website.

Thx for your help.

You only have one HDD or Two/or more in RAID? If you so then disable the RAID function.

try CTM 2.9 Click here to download it

Valentin N

Yes its only one HDD which is formatted as NTFS. It has 2 partitions C:\ and F:\HP_TOOLS.
And I have tried the 2.9 beta version aswell, but doesnt work unfortunately.

okey :frowning: Have you tried to install it as admin ? if you can and if you have time could you provide with screenshot of the error?.


Valentin N

Hi, thx again for your help and thoughts.

I can only install software when logged in as admin, so I`ve tried that.
I dont get an error at install, just nothing happens after reboot. When I do a manual rebot via CTRL+ALT+DEL the pc boots fine. And when I try to open CTM this is the message I get ( see attachement )

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have never seen such problem before… and I am truely sorry that this is happing to you. When you installed CTM did you choose to protect both c and d.

My best advice would be for you buy a Windows 7 x64 ( if you want I could try to give you a Windows x64); I hate how big companies like HP, Acer and other pre configurate the computers.

Valentin N

Yes I have chosen C and D and once only C. Thanks for the offer, but its a company notebook. So I cannot use any other OS than liscened.

Perhaps I will try to install a 32-bit OS on to the notebook and see what happens.

Thanks again.


.I suggest you tell the company to give you a new Windows. I have bad exeperience with pre installed hp computers. After I made a new and clean installation I was a happy man :).

Could you tell me what ram you have ? 64bit is good to have when you have 4GB or more. and 32 bit when it’s 4GB or less.

Valentin N

Hi Valentin,

The laptop has 3 GB off RAM. What I also noticed… I took a look in Disk Management and saw HP made some more partitions ( see printscreen attached )
I made the C-drive active and tried to install, but didnt work.

Any ideas ? :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

To be honest I would burn the info that HP made on dual layered DVD, then I would delete the partitions made by HP and then try to see if it’s possible to install CTM.

Maybe Tech(a member here) has some other ideas.

Valentin N

Sorry Valentin. I have very little experience on x64 and also I had very few problems installing CTM and getting it work. I have a disk with several partitions and never had a trouble. I protected, generally, only the system partition (C:).